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Return Policy

Before returning the item back to Buildtronix, you must first receive an RMA number from us. To receive the RMA number, you must first contact us and tell us some details about which category your return falls under as well as your Buildtronix order number. After Buildtronix authorizes an RMA, and we received the returned item, if we determine that it didn't fit the category or description, we have the right to refuse the return. In any case, returns cannot be made after 15 days of the date the item was shipped to you. Also, shipping courier costs in either direction cannot be refunded or reimbursed. Return policy can change without notice.

Too Much Ordered, Wrong Thing Ordered, Unused

Your return falls under this category if you did not use the item and did not open the item. It is still brand new and in its original condition. That means you did not solder onto it or make modifications to it in any way. If the product contains a microcontroller, flash, or eeprom memory, you did not write data to it.

Modified, Defective, Opened

This category means you opened up the product from its packaging and tried it out, maybe soldered onto it or made modifications. Returns in this category may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. This category also applies if the product was defective.

Damaged During Shipping

We take careful care in ensuring your product is packaged and shipped well. Sometimes the parcel can suffer severe abuse from the postal courier. We may ask that you snap a few photos showing the problem that occured during shipping.